PoultryCast update for March 11, 2010, Should You Rely on Bushel Weight as a Prime Feed Quality Factor?

Poor feed quality will likely play a role in industry productivity throughout the United States in the coming months. The Poultry Science Association warns nutritionists who rely on bushel weight as a prime factor for assessing quality may be missing an important part of the quality-evaluation picture.

“Adverse growing conditions and the potential for reduced bushel weight are one component of the corn quality equation. Unfortunately, determining a precise relationship between variability in bushel weight and the nutritional value of corn is problematic,” said Dr. Mike Lilburn, a poultry nutritionist in The Ohio State University’s Department of Animal Sciences.

Issues with crop and feed quality were just one of many features shared from the International Poultry Scientific Forum at PoultryCast.

PoultryCast® Conversations

AVMA Weighs In On Antibiotic Resistance Development

MP3 fileDr. Ron DeHaven, Chief Executive Officer of the American Veterinary Medical Association shares the facts on antibiotic resistance in this concise overview. Feel free to share Dr. DeHaven's presentation slides to your team and associates.

River Sand Litter Shows Promise For Turkey Grow Out Phase

MP3 fileAge of the bird is a key factor in work on litter alternatives, profiled at the International Poultry Scientific Forum.

Ammonia Nuisance More Noise Than Substance

MP3 fileDr. Brian Fairchild, University of Georgia Extension Poultry Scientist, reviews an International Poultry Scientific Forum presentation on downstream ammonia levels, looking at dispersal rates and comparisons to benchmark background levels.

Agriculture Telling its Story

Are Ag Extension Services Valued? Discussion on Ag Extensions and Other Public Ag Programs.

Farmers Answer Consummers' Food Questions Farmers address consumer questions around food quality, organics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the use of herbicides/pesticides/fertilizers on crops.

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Don Tyler

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Orlando Gil

Link to blogReminder that the 2010 Census is coming Spread the word about the 2010 Census. Tell your Latino employees about their right to privacy and how important their response is. Tell them that it is safe to fill out the form and that it is important to be counted.

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