SwineCast update for June 25, 2010, Dealing With Emotional Hangover From Economic Funk

SwineCast has been on the road the last couple of weeks. From Des Moines and the upbeat 2010 World Pork Expo to the National Pork Board's Swine Managers Conference in South Carolina. Both programs provided a boat load of opportunities for conversations and presentations to share. Those conversations are coming online back at SwineCast.com as we get them produced and posted.

I mentioned in our last update the interest in controlling and/or eliminating PRRS in several areas around North America. There are 11 such programs that we're aware of today in various stages of development. Boehringer-Ingelheim invited presentations on those programs at a special seminar during World Pork Expo. A lot of valuable give and take should push those efforts in the right direction. Those presentations are online here.

Also want to thank our sponsors for that event coverage which included Boehringer-Ingelheim and the National Pork Producers Council. We're already in planning for 2011. If you're interested in being part of the SwineCast producer partnership, drop me an email to narthur@SwineCast.com.
SwineCast® Conversations

SwineCast Conversations

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • World Pork Expo - Catch up with all the activities from the World Pork Expo. Of note is Where The World's Export Attention Is Focused.
  • On The Farm: Chat with John's Custom Meats - Learn more about custom meat processing and the day to day work that goes into providing quality meat to consumers.
  • Bring Back Home Economics Education - from Dr. Terry Etherton - A great article has just been published in the May 12 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The article Bring Back Home Economics Education was written by Drs. Alice Lichtenstein and David Ludwig of Tufts University and Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA. The article advocates the need to "bring back" Home Economics education and the role this could play in prevention of adolescent overweight and obesity.
  • Latinos... “Low Hanging Fruit” For Animal Rights Activists? - From Orlando Gil - When you look at efforts from just about every industry in the United States trying to tap into the emerging Latino market, one has to wonder when Animal Rights Activists will follow suit. What has been done by leading animal rights organizations to reach out to this market?

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