CropVillage update for June 30, 2010, How Sustainable is Our Future in Agriculture?

Below are some recent additions to CropVillage to help you as the crop seasons start to shift into summer activity.

Crop Conversations for Your Operations

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Audio: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement - Wesley J. Smith, Award winning author and Senior Fellow in Human Rights and Bioethics at the Discovery Institute, states "you are not dealing with people who want to reach accommodation with the animal industries about what is proper animal husbandry‑‑and what are proper welfare practices."
  • Summer Farming Stress - AgChat conversation on summer farming stress and thoughts on approaches to caring for animals and staff.
  • Don’t Treat Breeding Season Like It’s A Professional Sports Season - from the BeefBlog - "If you think about it, there are some basic similarities between a beef operation’s herd sires and a professional athlete. Both the sire and the athlete can be impressive physical specimens."

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