DairyCast Update for Auguest 12, 2010, What Can Help You To Increase Profits?

There is not much time left this year for the US Congress to pass estate tax legislation. 2010 had the estate tax completely repealed - But that repeal is temporary. If Congress fails to act before January 1, 2011, then estate taxes will be reinstated and at a level we have not seen for 10 years.

Pat Wolff, American Farm Bureau Federation Tax Policy Specialist, in an interview with Ned Arthur on PoultryCast, advocates everyone to connect with their Representatives and Senators. Inaction will result in serious tax implications in 2011.

Temperatures continue to remain high! And the Amaferm Beat the Heat Challenge is still on. Learn more about Amaferm and how it can help you become more profitable and your cows more efficient. And discover all of the details of this exclusive offer for you as a DairyCast member here.

Dairy Conversations For Your Operations

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • What Are Agriculture Extensions? - The USA agriculture extension services are an outreach program of land grant universities that can be engaged to help with various farm, business, and family issues.
  • Family Farm, Family Business - Running a business with family members can be tough. But if you take time to plan, educate, listen, and lead, the rough edges that can come from running an operation with relatives can be smoothed over. This resource page contains information and helpful discussion on family and business.
  • CSAs, Farmers' Markets, and Farmer Connections to Restaurants - Consumers can be fickle. Knowing what they like and how they will react to food and its production can be a bit crazy at times. This conversation and resource page can help understand some of the consumer views and needs.
  • Looking For A Job In Agriculture? - The outlook for agriculture employment is good. Several resources and tools can assist you in discovering agriculture job and career opportunities.

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