Truffle Media Update for October 22, 2010, Know Your Farmer

How can you connect with those in animal agriculture? Truffle Media Networks offers a channel that reaches producers, farm operation management, large animal veterinarians, production staff, and researchers.

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Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. Audio: How Do You Know Your Farmer? - Emily Zweber Shares Story of Organic Valley Coop Know Your Farmer Campaign.
  2. How Comfortable Is Your Chair? - At the 2010 Blog World Expo, Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) challenged the statement that we will only watch short videos and that long format is "very niche". He believes human beings' attention span has not changed in thousands of years; what really drives attention span is how comfortable your chair is. Long format content is not dead!
  3. Audio: How Does Pioneer Hi-Bred Use Digital Tools To Engage Customers? - Josh St. Peters explains some of the approaches Pioneer Hi-Bred uses to connect with customers, partners, and interested groups. Mobile devices are key to shortening the cycle to get information to customers and educate FFA students. Josh also talks about the ever changing hardware/tools and how to work through those changes.
  4. Does America Know Of Twitter? - Tom Webster, Edison Research, presents data on how Twitter is used in the USA and highlights several key findings: American 12+ awareness of Twitter is 87%, two-thirds of active Twitter users access social networking sites using a mobile phone, and 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.

You Need To Know: Agricultural Stories Being Told

  1. What Food Questions Are On People's Mind? - How is Wal-Mart's Global Sustainable Agriculture Goals going to impact food producers? What is the definition of 'local'? This Foodchat discussion handled Open Mic questions from across the world.
  2. Audio: Seeking To Understand FDA's True Position On Antibiotics and Animal Health - This Antibiotics in Animals and People presentation shares comments from Dr. William Flynn, Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Flynn tells what the FDA is aiming to accomplish and why.
  3. Engage Non Farmers With Haunted Farms And Corn Mazes - Seasonal agri-tourism for Halloween is a great way to bring non farmers to food sources. While they are being entertained by great corn mazes and scary barn tours, offer the opportunity to share farm stories and maybe sell them a pumpkin or apple cider.

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