BeefCast Update for October 29, 2010, Trent Fredenburg on his next chapter at his old chapter!

Below are some recent additions to BeefCast to help you manage your operations and understand consumer markets.

BeefCast® Conversations

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • How Can Being Vegan Impact Ag? - What does it mean to be vegan? How do non-meat diets effect those in agriculture? Are the philosophies of non-meat diets in conflict with agriculture ideals?
  • Audio: How Do You Know Your Farmer? - Emily Zweber Shares Story of Organic Valley Coop Know Your Farmer Campaign.
  • What Food Questions Are On People's Mind? - How is Wal-Mart's Global Sustainable Agriculture Goals going to impact food producers? What is the definition of 'local'? This Foodchat discussion handled Open Mic questions from across the world.
  • Engage Non Farmers With Haunted Farms And Corn Mazes - Seasonal agri-tourism for Halloween is a great way to bring non farmers to food sources. While they are being entertained by great corn mazes and scary barn tours, offer the opportunity to share farm stories and maybe sell them a pumpkin or apple cider.

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