What Is The Hormone Debate?

One of the impacts of stopping hormone use would be an almost 20% decrease in beef production. This would also put pressure on beef imports and certainly affect consumer spending.

The ear implants improve average daily gain and increase red meat yields with proportionately less fat, said Marshall Streeter, a veterinarian with Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health

However, there are consumers that will want beef raised without steroids.

Beef producer Christoph Weder does not dispute the benefits of these products, but as a marketer of premium beef to international high-end restaurants and hotels he has chosen not to rely on steroids.

“The customers of our product rave about the product because it’s got consistent taste and consistent tenderness, but it costs us more to produce it and we have to charge for it.” he said.

Some people will want high quality beef and some will be fine with "good enough".