Truffle Media Update for November 4, 2010, AgTrends and Too Much Information

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Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. How Can You Discover Ag Trends? - In agriculture, we need to stay ahead of technology, information, and (very important) consumers. While farmers and ranchers may not sell directly to consumers, consumers do drive the economy. Learn more about trend spotting to help discover new opportunities.
  2. A Wall Street View Of The Protein Markets - Ms. Farha Aslam - Stephens, Inc., shares a very animated Wall Street view of the beef, poultry, and pork markets. She does a great job detailing the opportunities and perceived risks the ag industry needs to address. From the Leman Pork Conference, September 18-21, 2010, RiverCentre, St Paul, MN, USA.
  3. Too Much Information, Too Little Time - “There is too much commodity info, what do I do?” “Do I need more crop data before I can make a decision?” “Where is the best ag information?” - You have probably heard or said one of these questions in the course of looking at a problem and trying to make a decision. Some of these approaches may help.
  4. Welcome Emails Drive Up Revenue, Transactions - This MarketingProfs post shares actionable research on utilizing realtime email. "Email campaigns that welcome new subscribers generate higher transaction rates and more revenue per email than bulk mailings, as they educate subscribers and set expectations for future communications via email, according to a study by Experian CheetahMail."

You Need To Know: Agricultural Stories Being Told

  1. What Are Ag Policy Ideas For 2011? - Does the U.S. public have much influence in the development of ag policy? Should they have a greater influence? This Agchat discussion can help arm new legislators with fresh ideas for agriculture policy.
  2. What's That Smell? Biofilter To Reduce Odor - Two University of Illinois Extension agricultural engineers constructed two biofilters to reduce odor emissions by up to 90%.
  3. Just The Facts Ma'am Or Can You Tell An Ag Story? - In order to connect with non-farmers and consumers, farmers and ranchers need to practice the art of story telling.
  4. Audio: How Does Pioneer Hi-Bred Use Digital Tools To Engage Customers? - Josh St. Peters explains some of the digital approaches Pioneer Hi-Bred uses to engage with farmers.

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