PoultryCast update for November 11, 2010, Are You Aware Of Wall Street's View Of The Protein Markets?

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Why Should The Urban Vote Be Top Of Mind? - HumanWatch.org provides a great summary on how the Missouri urban vote swayed the passage of Proposition B in the 2010 November elections.
  • Audio: What Does Ag Policy Look Like Post Election? - This Week In Ag offers a view in to how the recent elections will affect 2011 and agriculture policy.
  • Just The Facts Ma'am Or Can You Tell A Story? - As consumers go, few really know about farm and ranch operation and production. Yet those same consumers are the buyers of much of the products from those farms and ranches. Right now the telling of how food is raised is currently in the hands of those not even in agriculture. How can we in agriculture get out there to share our story?
  • High School Poultry Education Available For Free - The U.S. Poultry & Egg Assn.'s (USPOULTRY) Poultry & Egg Institute has developed a series of courses aimed at engaging high school students and develop their understanding of the poultry industry.

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