SwineCast update for November 11, 2010, What Is Wall Street's View Of The Protein Markets?

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SwineCast® Conversations

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • What Will Happen To Your Farm When You Retire? - Farm and ranch operators are in need of serious estate planning. In the last 30 years those young farm operators have gotten older and are getting into their 60's. Planning is key to a successful transition.
  • Are You Prepared? - What emergencies are you worried about or have you faced on your farm or ranch? This Agchat discussion highlights the issues and necessity of planning, testing, and refining your bio-security and business continuity plans. Resource links offer ways to get started on developing your plan.
  • Is There Enough Land For Corn Production? - Commodities prices are causing decision conflicts on what to plant for the next season.

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