PoultryCast update for November 24, 2010, FoodThanks

Sometimes the simplest expression of gratitude are the most profound. This Thanksgiving season, we encourage you to use social media to show just how thankful you are for the food we enjoy every day. In doing so, we will also be thanking those many people and industries who bring food to our tables.

Ways to share? Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some starting points.

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: How Will Agriculture Fare In Season Of Uncertainty? - Talking with Jim Kielkopf, economist for AgriBank, about how economic uncertainty has impacted producer decisions and what role speculators and hedge fund industry play in agriculture along with the global increase in commodity prices.
  • Audio: Informa Releases True Cost Of Proposed GIPSA Regs - Via SwineCast, Dr. Rob Murphy, Sr. Vice President of Informa Economics, shared findings during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in Kansas City.
  • GIPSA Billion Dollar Impact To Poultry Industry? - Dr. Thomas E. Elam, President, FarmEcon LLC, recently published an economic study for the National Chicken Council stating that the USDA Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) ruling would certainly impact poultry producers and ultimately consumers would pay for the increased costs.
  • Audio: Can We Save The Plant AND Feed The World? - Dr. Jon Foley, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota, presents current concerns and long-term prospects in addressing the growth of the world's population and the demands we are placing on the environment.

Agriculture Telling its Story

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