CropVillage update for December 20, 2010, Good Numbers to Know, They Impact Agriculture

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • American Grass-Fed Producer Challenges - Food + Tech Connect blog shares challenges American grass-fed meat producers face: Demand is not enough! "Grass-fed beef has become a household name, but despite unprecedented awareness and demand, many American producers find themselves struggling to make a living, battling against infrastructural flaws brought about by decades of agricultural consolidation."
  • Good Numbers to Know, They Impact Agriculture - One of the best explanations of the top level financial numbers that summarize world behavior.
  • Success In Ag - What does success in agriculture look like in 2011? How can you measure that success? This AgChat conversation shares thoughts and ideas as 2010 closes and 2011 opens.
  • Audio: What is Fueling Ethanol? - Matt Hartwig, The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), shares thoughts on legislation supporting the Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit (aka VEETC) and possible changes in 2011.
  • Is Media's View of GMOs Fair? - Via Dr. Terry Etherton, PSU Department of Dairy and Animal Science: science in the media can be very hard to explain. In the case of GMOs, some media outlets cater to the confusion and aim to be sensational.
  • Top Entry Level Ag Jobs? - Getting ready to graduate in an agricultural related field? Iowa State University Agriculture and Life Sciences Careers Services offers actionable survey information on ag jobs, average salaries, and who has been hiring?

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