SwineCast update for January 7, 2011, What is the Swine Forecast for 2011?

Thanks for the interest in the SwineCast survey. We have closed the survey and Truffle Lab Rats are working to understand what you shared with us.

The winner of the $100 Target gift card will be announced January 21, 2011. Again, we greatly appreciate your help.
Another great Swine Forecast virtual conference is under our belt (along with the Christmas ham!).  Evaluations by attendees has been stellar and we surely extend our appreciation to our presenters, Dr. Steve Meyer, Brett Stuart, Dr. Roger Campbell and Chris Wall.

This year's focus on exports and international markets was right on target as North American pork exports rebounded with a weaker dollar and improving international economic climate as support.  Next year's program is... well, we'll wait and see what the hot topics and issues are as we assemble our international cast of speakers.

If you didn't get an invitation to Swine Forecast 2011, send us a note to get on the list for the Swine Forecast 2012 event.  And Happy New Year!

SwineCast® Conversations

  • Audio: What Are Key Provisions For Ag In New Tax Law? - Agricultural Law Specialist Roger McEowen shares thoughts on provisions of the 2010 Tax Legislation that can impact your bottom line.
  • Audio: Leadership Tips From GE CEO - Leadership presentation by GE's CEO, Jeffrey Immelt as he speaks at the Stanford School of Business "View From The Top" Series.  Immelt notes today's leaders must prepare for increasing turbulence in the future.

Agriculture Telling its Story

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