DairyCast Update for January 14, 2011, Will New Anaerobic Digester Technologies Pay?

Thanks again to all who participated in the DairyCast survey for 2011. The information from the survey is being reviewed and will be published February 1st. Also, congratulations to Dan Illg, the winner of the $100 Target gift card drawing.

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • The Locavore's Dilemma: Why Pineapples Shouldn't Be Grown in North Dakota - Economists Jayson Lusk and F. Bailey Norwood provide a great perspective on the whole idea of locally grown food and why the economics of such an idea is not a reality that can occur. "Local food is generally more expensive than non-local food of the same quality. If that were not so, there would be no need to exhort people to 'buy local.'"
  • Agriculture Answering the Call of Smartphones - More and more farmers, growers, and producers will pickup a smartphone as they trade in their old phones. How would a grower use a smartphone application, or 'app' as they are called?
  • Via SwineCast comes several interesting seminars from Swine Forecast 2011 - This webinar, held December 1, 2010, focused on exports and international markets. Of note is the presentation by Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics. His key considerations for 2011: Ethanol and biofuels policy; Grains and costs of production; Policy decisions; Macro-economic situation – esp. $US; Last month’s elections.

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