SwineCast update for February 3, 2011, How Do We Feed Pigs With $5+ Corn?

The great turnout for the 2011 Minnesota Pork Congress created many opportunities for hallway conversations. Of interest to all were the presentations on improving efficiency and maximizing productivity.

SwineCast® Conversations

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Farm Animal Welfare - Animal welfare is a topic that has many points of view. This AgChat discussion on the meaning of animal welfare highlights the need to have these types of conversations and points to resources that others can use to learn more. Special guest @HumaneTouch from the American Humane Association helps with understanding animal audits and certification.
  • Consumers Are Swayed by Animal Welfare Issues - Marketing to consumers must be factored into any animal agriculture marketing, policy and legislative fronts. The public exposure animal rights and animal welfare debates create also impact purchasing decisions by consumers.
  • 100 Questions That Can Change Agriculture - Many organizations are stating that by 2050 there will be 9 billion people on Earth and that agriculture must change to be able to produce enough food for this growing population. The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture are the result of research and focused conversations about the global issues, agriculture, and being able to meet the food needs of the world.

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