PoultryCast Update for February 9, 2011, Mycotoxin Binder Research - Do They Work For You?

Selected interviews from the International Poultry Scientific Forum are now available. Mycotoxin Binder Research - Do They Work For You? and Targeting the Darkling Beetle offer some useful insights for your operations.

The forum was sponsored by the Southern Poultry Science Society, the Southern Conference on Avian Diseases, and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and presented information on industry topics such as environmental management, nutrition, physiology, pathology, processing and products, and avian diseases.

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: Mycotoxin Binder Research - Do They Work For You? - Jessica Nixon, Poultry Science graduate student at North Carolina State University, shares her research on effectiveness of the mycotoxin binding solutions currently on the market.  While some producers have better luck with some products than others, Jessica's research shows a definate feed efficiency response. From the 2011 International Poultry Scientific Forum.
  • Audio: Targeting the Darkling Beetle - Jim Arends, JABB of the Carolinas, shares important information to improve the effectiveness of your Darkling Beetle control program. From the 2011 International Poultry Scientific Forum.
  • Audio: Ethanol Policy and Grain Prices... Where Do YOU Fit? - Economist Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, recently presented thoughts on ethanol policy and the 2010 grain crop.

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Winter Farm and Ranch Work - Do farmers and ranchers take the winter months off? Definitely not! This AgChat discussion shares insights on what does happen during the winter months.
  • How Are Transportation and Disease Linked? - Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, Iowa State University, shares historical vignettes that highlight how transportation and disease have always been linked. Understanding this connection can help those in agriculture identify and eradicate animal diseases.
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