SwineCast update for February 17, 2011, What Are Antibiotic Use and Public Policy Issues?

Iowa's pork industry is at a crossroads. Additional themes include new pricing levels of feed grains, regulatory revision and the impact of legislative and marketing changes. Will producers respond to today's pricing prompts with expansion (remember those empty barns down the road)? Or elect to go niche with local and immediate customer transactions for maximum profitability? Presentations from the 2011 Iowa Pork Congress help provide perspectives and insights.

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  • What Are Antibiotic Use and Public Policy Issues? - Dr. Scott Hurd, Iowa State University, outlines the science of understanding risks and antibiotic use, from a general consumer point of view. From the 2011 Iowa Pork Congress, January 26-27, 2011, Des Moines, IA, USA.
  • What Are Global Perspectives on Commodity Price Spikes? - The Diane Rehm Show brought together four experts on world economies and agriculture to address the current commodity prices and their impact on food, fuel, and fiber.
  • What Are Dietary Guidelines for Americans? - This FoodChat discussion focused on the recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans. How should those in agriculture help support these guidelines? What are some of the potential label changes to result from the new guidelines? These and other questions help guide the FoodChat conversation.
  • Are Crop Prices Effecting Planting Decisions? - After grain prices surged in January, many growers are looking at any opportunity to plant. The prices surge, in reaction to the USDA cutting its outlook for global supplies, is also a cause for concern if too many growers jump in and plant more. The commodity markets may start to become over hedged and a crop bubble could burst.
  • Winter Farm and Ranch Work - Do farmers and ranchers take the winter months off? Definitely not! This AgChat discussion shares insights on what does happen during the winter months.
  • Consumer Food Trendspotting - The Institute of Food Technologists combines new information from the U.S. Census with consumer purchasing habits and retail rends to provide a detailed report on the American Family's eating habits.

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