Taking Online Dairy Advocacy to the Next Level

How can you utilize social media in agriculture? What steps should you take when general media portrays farming operations in a negative light? This webinar offers some guidance, tools, and resources to help. Webinar from Dairy Management Inc. and, December 14, 2011.

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Digital: What Do Farmers, Ranchers, and Marketers Expect?

family-on-a-tractor.jpgWith respect to new and social media, here are some things we have observed: across beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and crop farmers, 30% of the people spent at least 10% of their week reading watching, or listening to industry information. 50% of the people spent 20% or more of their week reading, watching, or listening to industry information. This is from a survey series conducted Q1 2010.

In a survey conducted Q2 2011, 87% of swine producers listed email as their most valuable communications tool today, with newsletters and magazine at 39% and 25%.

AMC 0055 - Josh St. Peters, Pioneer Hi-Bred, engages customers much quicker with digital catalogs

Josh St. PetersJosh St. Peters ( @jstpeters) explains some of the approaches Pioneer Hi-Bred uses to connect with customers, partners, and interested groups. Mobile devices are key to shortening the cycle to get information to customers and educate FFA students. Josh also talks about the ever changing hardware/tools and how to work through those changes.

AgVocate With X Social Media Tips

Agvovacy and Social Media I was asked to bring to the Agvocacy 2.0 Training five social media tips. On reflection (and a quick Google search) I found that tips are everywhere and they vary greatly according to their context. My tip to you may be worthless to someone else. So instead of Five Social Media Tips (or ten or twenty), here are things Truffle uses day to day and why we use them.

Why Social Media? Let me address this with a question: Why use a pen or a pencil? Because it is the tool by which I can discover and share information with other people, ideally to help improve someone's life.

Truffle Media Update for July 23, 2010, Pre-Ag Media Summit

Truffle Media Networks brings focused agricultural conversations to agri-business professionals across the beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and

AMC 0044 - Karlie Justus discovers how to connect crop producers with BASF

Karlie JustusKarlie Justus ( @KarlieJ), PR/social media associate account exec with Howard, Merrell and Partners, talks about how she is working to engage crop producers. What are crop producers using to connect digitally? How can companies like BASF connect to growers? Karlie shares some information on ag media and their use of social media.

Truffle Media update for April 13, 2010, Is print still king?

Agriculture 2.0 aims to bring capital to the agriculture industry to develop and launch out new ideas around ag sustainability, food production, energy, and agri-tech. ... Posts that might be of value to you Rework book 39 Social Media Tools Is print still king Truffle Media hightlights One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture Presentations from the 2010 NIAA annual conference, held March 15 - 17, 2010, Kansas City, Missouri, are now available.
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