Podcasting Environment Presentation, Nov 2008

Did you miss the 2008 New Media in ag seminar?

For those that were unable to attend, we would like to share the following presentations with you.
The keynote speaker was Chris Brogan (ChrisBrogan.com).

Click Play button below to listen Chris Brogan's presentation audio on line.

AMC 0011 - New Media Blogger Chris Brogan - TruffleMedia.com

Chris Brogan, honest appraiser of new and social media, shares his thoughts on how businesses are seeking new approaches and solutions to their issues.

AMC 0010 - Communicating effectively with producers - TruffleMedia.com

Communicating effectively with producers from the 2008 NAMA Boot Camp.The producer panel has become a Boot Camp favorite and attendees won’t want to miss the valuable insights from producers. This panel will be moderated by Curt Blades, Sales Development Manager, Successful Farming and Agriculture Online.

Podcasting and making money ...

I am at the New Media Expo, listening to Leesa Barnes, author of Podcasting For Profit.

Short list of resources for NAMA Bootcamp 2008 attendees

NAMA Bootcamp

Thank for your time at NAMA Bootcamp 2008. We hope you found some great connections and learned some usable info!

Here are some resources to learn more about new media and its utilization.

AMC 0009 - New Media in Ag Tele-Seminar - TruffleMedia.com

Mark Jewell from AggieLance hosts a panel discussion with Chuck Zimmerman from Agwired.com and Zimmcomm.biz, Liza Markle from the National FFA Organization, and John Blue from Truffle Media Networks, talking about social media, and WHY do we need to be using it in the agriculture industry today!

AMC 0008 - Tim Bourquin - Issues to tackle and future of new media/podcasting

Tim Bourquin, TNC New Media Founder & CEO, shares his time to chat with Truffle Media's Ned Arthur on the issues of metrics, what might the new-new media might look like, and what has to happen to gain wider acceptance of new media.
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