Truffle Media update for June 8, 2009, Using media to connect with agriculture

June 8th, 2009

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Marketing CDs are DEAD!

by schoschie

Are you still handing out CDs as part of a marketing promotion campaign? Are they working? How do you know? Are you measuring your expense and return on this physical media?

How to use info from "The Realities of the New Ag Economy... and What It Means for Agri-marketers"

Agriculture diarama by Frankie Roberto Here is some good agri-marketing info from a webinar titled "The Realities of the New Ag Economy...

Did you miss the 2008 New Media in ag seminar?

For those that were unable to attend, we would like to share the following presentations with you.
The keynote speaker was Chris Brogan (

Click Play button below to listen Chris Brogan's presentation audio on line.

AMC 0009 - New Media in Ag Tele-Seminar -

Mark Jewell from AggieLance hosts a panel discussion with Chuck Zimmerman from and, Liza Markle from the National FFA Organization, and John Blue from Truffle Media Networks, talking about social media, and WHY do we need to be using it in the agriculture industry today!
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