What runs the Truffle Media Networks show series?

Truffle is all about creating interesting and entertaining shows for the agriculture industry. To do that means we have to concentrate on that and have other people or services handle other things. For example, we could easily (in theory) host all our show files.

But when you start to look in to the cost of hosting a series of shows (all those audio and video files!!!) that could easily pump out 150GB of data per month, it starts to be too expensive. So we use Libsyn to host our podcast series audio / video and collect data for all our shows. This removes from Truffle the burden of defining and maintaining an infrastructure to handle the delivery.

Another service we use to help deliver our shows is Google Analytics. This simple, easy to service from Google collects and captures our web meterics for all of our show sites. Truffle does not have to install or maintain a web metrics collection system. Plus this service is free! Yes, there is a rsik in that but one Truffle is willing to take. We believe in the staying power of Google:)

Over the next few posts I will open the kimono of Truffle to show the various pieces we use to help bring you useful and timely shows.